We execute projects in the field of water and sanitary facilities in which we also create jobs. We carry out our projects in the Matsangoni area near the town of Kilifi in Kenya. We are currently working on these projects:

  • construction of wells in Matsangoni
  • building Flush, Shower and Go in 5 villages of Matsangoni


Construction of wells

The inhabitants of Matsangoni raise the money for the construction of the wells themselves. Our foundation supports them during the construction. Matsangoni is a village of about 6,000 inhabitants. At the moment there are no sanitary facilities or wells. Philip Kadenge Kahindi, chairman of our branch in Kenya and initiator of this project, has saved money for six years to achieve a well and water tank at his own house. Now he grants the other members of the community the same convenience and hygienic conditions. Therefore he talks with our foundation among other things. On the basis of the idea of our foundation the inhabitants contribute to the project themselves. Each family pays KES 500 (about € 4.25) every month and by doing that save money for cement, sand, stones and labour.

De inwoners zelf hebben al gezorgd voor een watertank in het dorp.

De inwoners zelf hebben al gezorgd voor een watertank in het dorp.

De waterput voordat er met zand, cement en stenen een duurzame constructie van gemaakt wordt.

De waterput voordat er een duurzame constructie van werd gemaakt.

Thanks to the fundraiser in 2013 we raised enough money to install a new waterwell in Matsangoni.

Click on photo to see the video on YouTube.


Flush, Shower and Go

We have completed a pilot project Flush, Shower and Go in 2014. We did that in collaboration with GetItDone, a crowdfunding platform. A building for ‘Flush Shower and Go’ is a public sanitary facility where villagers can take a shower, go to the toilet and wash their hands.

The slide show below will give you an impression of the creation of this pilot project.